Common HVAC Mistakes To Avoid

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Common HVAC Mistakes To Avoid

HVAC Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid


Air conditioning units might seem like straightforward machines, but they are actually pretty complicated. Air conditioners usually have at least five different components that help them run properly, and if even one of these components is mess up, your air conditioning unit could be in danger of shutting down.

There are a few different mistakes that people tend to make with their air conditioning units, and some Tulsa HVAC companies might not have to capacity to address all of these problem areas. Here are some mistakes you should avoid with your air conditioning unit:

Using A Wrongly Sized HVAC Unit


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With air conditioner units, it’s not a one size fits all situation.  As Tulsa HVAC companies know, you will need an air conditioning unit that is properly sized for your home if you want it to function the way that it is supposed to. If you install a unit that is too large for a smaller sized home, then the unit constantly be turning itself on and off because it is able to reach the desired temperature too quickly.

When this happens, your home will likely switch from hot to cold at an unpleasant rate. When you’re deciding upon an air conditioner, be certain that you check with Tulsa HVAC companies to make sure that the unit is not too big. If it is, you might end up paying a whole lot more on an energy bill or for the cost of replacing the unit.

At the same time, you do not want to get an air conditioning unit that is too small for a larger home. If this is the situation, the air conditioner will run almost constantly as it tries to meet the demands that have been placed upon it.

The air conditioning unit will quickly wear out over time as it is in constant use. Make sure that you check with Tulsa HVAC companies that your air conditioner isn’t too small to meet the demands of your home. If it is, you will probably want to consider upgrading to something that is larger and better suited to cooling your sized home. Check with Tulsa HVAC companies to ensure that your air conditioner is the best one possible for your home.

The ideally sized air conditioning unit will do its job correctly without constantly running and without constantly turning off and back on again. Tulsa HVAC companies can point you in the right direction for finding an Air conditioning unit that fits within that sweet spot.

Poorly Positioning Your Air Conditioning Unit


Tulsa HVAC companies know that Just as important as the size of your air conditioning unit is where it is positioned. Most people tend to put their air conditioning units wherever they are the most hidden, but this most definitely is not the best approach.

There are a few things you have to think about when you are determining the best possible location for your air conditioning unit. Air conditioning units will function at their highest capacity when they are not positioned in direct sunlight. If an air conditioning unit is placed in direct sunlight, then it will have to work a whole lot harder in order to do the job of significantly cooling down your entire home.

Tulsa HVAC companies know that the ideal location for an air conditioning unit is somewhere that is in the shade. When your air conditioning unit is in the shade, it will be able to do its job much easier than it could if it was placed in the scorching sun all day. The less amount of sunlight that it has beating down on it, the lower your energy bill will be.

Tulsa HVAC companies know that another important aspect you must consider when positioning your air conditioning unit is the amount of ventilation it will be able to have. If your air conditioning unit is surrounded by too many obstructions, like bushes or trees, then it won’t be able to properly release the hot air that it has drawn from your home.  

Tulsa HVAC companies encourage you to make sure that there are not a bunch of unwanted obstructions surrounding your air conditioning unit, even though they might be doing a good job of hiding your unit from the eye. Tulsa HVAC companies know that it is well worth the effort come summertime when you need all of your home systems functioning at their highest capacity.

Keeping Your AC On 24/7


When it comes to your air conditioning unit, the easiest option is to just set the thermostat to a cool temperature and then leave it be and forget about it. But this is not the best strategy for your finances or for your air conditioning system.

Tulsa HVAC companies know that leaving your air conditioning system turned all the way up around the clock is going to wear out your system really quickly, and it is also going to cost you a lot of money.

Air conditioning systems can cool your home in just a few minutes once they are turned on, so it’s better to just turn them on when you really need them, and not just whenever you feel like it. When you know that you are going to be out of your house for most of the day, go ahead and bump up the thermostat so as to keep it from coming on a lot while you are gone. When you get home, you can simply turn it back on and have your home to your desired temperature in no time.

Tulsa HVAC companies realize the importance of maintaining your air conditioning system. We hope that you have enjoyed these points, and then you will consider working with Riverside Heat & Air if you ever have any air conditioner problems.

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