How Often Should I Service My HVAC Systems? Complete Guide

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How Often Should I Service My HVAC Systems? Complete Guide

Many times as homeowners or commercial building owners, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the repairs and replacements that have to be made in your home or building. The cost of upkeep can be very daunting. One area many people sink thousands of dollars in every few years is their heating and cooling systems.

Many times, without proper upkeep, heaters and coolers go out due to unforeseen or ignored conditions. One unit can cost thousands of dollars. This is why yearly maintenance is key. Maintenance on an HVAC system may seem like a bottom priority, but if/when the HVAC system goes out when it’s needed most, it gets uncomfortable and expensive. The cost of replacing any major HVAC systems far exceeds the cost of scheduling regular maintenance and inspections.

How Often You Should Service Your HVAC

There is a pretty consistent consensus between HVAC professionals on how often a consumer should have a scheduled maintenance check for their HVAC system. Yearly seasonal checks are strongly recommended. This means that before the extreme heat of the summer it’s imperative to have your cooling system checked. This will ensure if there are any issues, they are resolved before the cooling system is needed to work at 100% capacity.

In addition, it will keep repairs to a minimum because they are being caught at an early stage. This means lower costs and fewer headaches. In the same manner, heating systems should be checked in the fall before it gets cold. This ensures minimal damage and minimal discomfort.

Not having a properly working HVAC system can be very dangerous, especially in an extreme climate like Oklahoma’s. During those 100 degree temperatures, it is very dangerous if there is no AC. It is the same concept for heating. However, if the entire heating or cooling system breaks, it can take thousands of dollars to replace. For many home/business owners that are just not practical to come up within a moment’s notice.

Regular Checkups and Maintenance

Receiving maintenance on your HVAC system twice a year can eliminate the surprise factor and help with financial planning. Even if the HVAC system is beyond repair, at least bi-yearly maintenance, and check-ups will give a heads up notice on the upcoming expense and give time to plan.

Regular HVAC maintenance can also help keep your energy bill at a minimum cost. When an HVAC system is not able to work at a maximum level, it has to work harder to produce heat or air in a home or business. This causes a spike in the energy bill. So it is definitely beneficial to consistently have the HVAC system work at maximum capacity. This happens through consistent maintenance.

Safety Checkups on HVAC Units

Safety is another concern when it comes to proper upkeep for HVAC systems. If the furnace develops a crack or hole, it can cause carbon monoxide to poison the air. That is extremely dangerous and can be lethal. Also, if an HVAC system short circuits, that presents a serious fire hazard. Once a unit short circuits sparks can fly.

The safety of everyone in a building or home is more than worth maintenance costs. Being preventative is such an important lesson in general. Any time someone is dealing with machinery thinking ahead and staying vigilant can not only mean saving thousands of dollars, but it can also mean saving a life.

HVAC maintenance services usually range from 50-100 dollars. This depends on how big the house is and what is needing to be serviced. Spending 100-200 dollars a year is very doable. When HVAC companies are servicing HVAC systems they are looking for rust, water damage, cracks, Freon levels, heat pump, etc. Some of these issues wouldn’t be detectable from the outside until it did permanent damage to the system. That is why maintenance is key. The average service time is 1 1/2 to 2 hours. That is a minimal inconvenience and a minimal cost.

How Often Should I Service My HVAC Systems?Many times as a homeowner or business owner it can be very tempting to try and maintenance on your own. There are a few areas you can maintain yourself to help the general upkeep. Changing the air filter is a huge help to the HVAC system. It keeps debris from blocking airflow. It is also important to make sure there is not anything around the unit like trash or household items. This helps prevent safety hazards.

Additionally, keeping a clean unit on the outside can help keep a clean unit on the inside so whenever dirt begins to appear on the HVAC unit, hose it down to prevent dirt build-up. Keeping greenery, bushes, ivy, and other landscaping away from the unit by about two feet is also important. Any time greenery begins to grow towards the HVAC unit it is wise to trip it back. This also can prevent safety hazards. Lastly, make sure that ventilation is kept free and clear of furniture or household decoration. If the ventilation is blocked it prevents your unit from running and 100% capacity.

Maintenance You Can Do to Service Your HVAC Units

While doing your own maintenance is some areas can be a real cost saver, when it comes to actual HVAC repairs and inspection it is important to leave it to the professionals. There are so many moving parts when it comes to an HVAC system that you want a professional to come out so you know everything has been inspected. In addition, some of these areas of maintenance have a high safety risk if not handled properly. Some of these areas include; checking the gas pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchange.

The reason those areas are checked is to adjust the pressure and cleaning the burner can prevent cracking in the heating system. If a crack in the heating furnace occurs, you will have to replace the furnace. Another area that HVAC companies check is the cooling or refrigerant charge, this can be a huge money saver. If the charge was not properly set, then you can be paying higher energy bills because it is not set properly.

Maintenance a Heat and Air Company can Do for Your HVAC Units

If there is a leak in the cooling system, this can cause the cooling system to overworked as well. In addition, the evaporator and condensing coils need to be checked and cleaned to keep efficiency in the HVAC system. This also affects your energy bill, saving you countless dollars each year.

Professionals also, the check system controls to make sure shut-off and start-up timing is running efficiently. They make sure all moving papers are lubricated so there is not any friction or rusting. The electrical connections on an HVAC system need to be tightened as well. This prevents any connection from becoming poor and causing too much energy to be used up.

Lastly, they check the condensate drain. This is checked because the drainage pan can collect algae and dirt. In addition, if there is too much condensation, the pan can overflow and cause water damage to the home or business.

After all of that information, the question left is who do you trust? Who are the professionals that should be entrusted with all of your HVAC maintenance and repairs? At Riverside HVAC in Tulsa Oklahoma, we pride ourselves on quality work at a quality price. We assure you that we will provide our best maintenance and service at the best customer service level. So give us a call today at 918-798-9233. We would love to set up your maintenance today!

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