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Oklahoma HVAC Repair Company

Jenks and Tulsa Heat & Air are here to serve you. Our team is prompt, practical, and proficient when it comes time for repairs on your air conditioning or heating unit! With the cold weather season coming up, it’s important to make sure your Tulsa HVAC system is in top working condition. We recommend annual servicing for all equipment as well as pre-season maintenance which can help avoid failure during these times when you need them most! Maintaining an efficient home cooling or heating program means preserving energy by preventing major repairs from occurring before they’re needed. With regular inspections throughout each year along with preventative measures taken ahead of time like repairing leaks early on – not only will things run more smoothly, but bills won’t skyrocket either.


Whatever the season, our team of top-rated technicians is here to ensure your HVAC system runs at its optimal level. We have all you need from experience and specialty equipment for repairs or even replacement. HVAC systems are expensive to replace, and that’s why the professionals at Riverside Heat & Air take them seriously. If your system can be repaired or if you want a more affordable option for replacement we will get it done quickly and efficiently to help you save money. 


We know how important this investment is when considering all of its benefits- from heaters being able to stay cool in hot weather conditions. Heated by a commitment to service and customer satisfaction, Riverside Heat & Air’s team of HVAC technicians are able to serve most brands. With American Standard being our specialization we stand out among the top trusted furnace repair companies in Tulsa Oklahoma as well as cooling unit repairs! Our air conditioning repair team has the training and expertise needed in order to make sure your system stays running smoothly. Proper upkeep is vital if you don’t want them breaking down when the weather is extreme outside.

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Repair Specialists

Riverside Heating and Air is a full-service HVAC company in Tulsa, OK. We provide installation of heating systems as well replacement or preventive maintenance for most makes and models of air conditioning units residential or commercial clients with our skilled technicians ready to help you today! We are Tulsa’s number one heating and cooling company. We have been family owned since 1968, which means that we take great pride in our customer service as well. You can always count on us for high-quality equipment at competitive prices with efficient installation processes too – all designed to ensure your satisfaction (and ours!). 


Riverside Heat & Air, LLC is the friendliest HVAC company you’ll ever meet. We’re dedicated to transparency and will work hard on your behalf so that no matter what kind of heating or cooling issue arises this season, it’s solved before too long! Our experts take time for each customer by assessing their needs individually while also offering helpful tips from our vast experience in these fields – making us one-of-a kind when compared against other companies around town.